BRUCE POTTER Author/Illustrator/Composer/Entertainer/Artist




Bruce Potter is a multi-international award winning illustrator of over 125 books.  He is an author,  musician, composer and stage performer having performed his one man show to over 300 NZ schools in the past seven years. He is a Director at Draconis Ltd who produce fine art for the international market.  His also a Director and Co-owner of Waiata Theatre Productions Ltd.

Bruce currently writes, illustrates and designs his own books, composes, records and performs his own songs which go with some of his books as CD's.  He also illustrates  for some of New Zealands best authors including Joy Cowley, Margaret Mahy, Tessa Duder, Craig Smith and Witi Ihimaera. 

Bruce is also a fine artist who exhibits at the Wanaka Fine Art Gallery and the USA.  He has also performed the lead role in many musicals including JeanValjean in Les Miserables.

He has a world record in weightlifting with the IAWA and came third at the World Masters Bench Press Championships 2009.  He is a former NZ Powerlifting Champion with a personal best bench press of 245kg.  He has a black belt (3rd Dan) in Shotokan Karate and runs his own Dojo in his hometown of Alexandra where he is the Sensei.  He is the current NZ Kumite Champion.

Bruce lives with his wife and three children in their own slice of paradise in the South Island of New Zealand.   


Below are Bruce Potter's latest oil paintings on canvas ( 900mm by 1200mm and 1100mm by 1350mm)  


"Hunter's Canyon, USA" Oil on Canvas 1200mm by 900mm  (Painted full sized Masterprints on canvas available for $1500)

Bruce Potter can be contacted at    For more information visit

 A page from Zombie Salvation: The Graphic Novel which I am currently illustrating.

Bruce Potter tours schools in New Zealand with his inspiring show on fostering and developing imagination. 

He has performed to over 350 schools and done over 700 performances to thousands of New Zealand children.  The cost is $2.50 plus GST per Child with a min fee of $300 plus GST for small schools under 120 children.  Contact Bruce for bookings at

What the Children say about Bruce Potter's Show


“I loved how Bruce seemed really humble, he was easy to listen to and really friendly”

“He had a great sense of humour that hooked us all in, he didn’t talk down to us and I found his presentation really interesting and engaging”

“Bruce explained things in a quirky, fun way. It was cool to find out the process he works through when creating a story”

“Bruce was really fun!”

“Bruce made it really exciting for us, other authors have put us to sleep in the past but he kept us awake because he’s so funny!”

“It was interesting to find the ‘easter eggs’ throughout his picture book. I was really hooked in”

“It was really cool to be part of his presentation. He included us by asking us what we wanted him to draw”

“It was really cool to see him create a picture from an idea we gave him. To think we have the same devices here are school, we could do that too!”

“It was cool how he showed how he wrote the book and convinced us we could be creative like that too”

“Bruce is an inspiring person who lets his creativity flow onto the pages for us all to enjoy”

“It was so cool to see how he draws his pictures, they come so naturally and easily to him. He inspired me!”

“He turned a couple of wiggly lines into a work of art!”

“I really enjoyed how he talked us through the process of how he writes his books. From a song and a picture to a story. So cool!”

“I loved his doodling, he is so talented! He also taught us about shading and other techniques to bring our doodles to life!”

“I was really amazed how accurate Bruce’s picture was to the description of a creature he was given by one of the kids”