Alexandra Shotokan Karate

Alexandra Shotokan Karate is based in the small South Island town of Alexandra in New Zealand.  It is a family friendly dojo run by Sensei Bruce Potter (3rd Dan) who is the current National Kumite Champion.  Our emphasis is on self defence and as such we teach close quarter self defence and weapons defence  with the understanding that the best action is always to cause the least amount of damage to your attacker/s as possible in order to extricate yourself from the danger.  Always walk away if you can.  We are visited twice a year for gradings and seminars by Sensei Ray Irving (8th Dan) and we regularly enter the national tournaments.  We currently have around 30 students studying our martial art and we have three current NZ National Champions in Kumite (fighting) and two former National Champs as well as a World Champs Bronze medalist.

Our main training days are Tues and Thurs at our permanent Dojo on McDonald Street, Alexandra.  We have special classes for children under 10 yrs and for 10-adult.

Tues and Thurs: 4.45pm-5.15pm 6-10 yrs

                           5.15pm-6.15pm 10-adult coloured belts

                           6.15pm-7.15pm Brown/Black Belts

Fri:                      5.10pm-6.10pm Black Belt invitation only

                           6.10pm-7.30pm Kumite training (invitation only)

Sat:                    10am-11am Adults

Karate is fantastic for increasing fitness, flexibility and stamina as well as improving confidence in all aspects of life.  All are welcome to train in our dojo and Sensei Bruce has huge experience with people with autism and special needs. 

For further information contact Sensei Bruce at